Governor’s Task Force Report: More New Housing Needed

The Governor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability released its report titled “More Places to Call Home: Investing in Minnesota’s Future” on Aug. 21. Leading the recommendations included in the report is a call to build 300,000 new homes by 2030, create a regulatory review panel and address the industry- wide labor crisis.

“The Governor’s Task Force on Housing took an important first step in identifying the shortage of new housing production, our need to evaluate regulations, and the construction labor shortage which threatens our ability to solve our housing affordability crisis,” said David Siegel, executive director of Housing First Minnesota. “We are especially pleased with the emphasis to support and strengthen homeownership. “Throughout the Task Force process, Housing First Minnesota advocated for solving our housing supply challenges by increasing affordability across the housing market.


“We are pleased to see the Task Force embrace the core of this approach, which begins with evaluating regulations and land policies to directly address affordability. “The hard work of addressing the cost drivers impacting housing affordability now enters a new phase. As the leading voice for homebuilding and remodeling, Housing First Minnesota is pleased to see other stakeholders ready to join us in addressing this critical challenge facing all Minnesotans.”

Housing First Minnesota staff attended meetings of the task force and homeownership work group during the first half of the year and sent a letter to the task force in June, saying that addressing Minnesota’s low housing inventory is critical to solving the housing affordability crisis.

Housing First