Housing First Network Launches 'Think Local' Campaign

BATC’s Housing First Network recently launched the next phase of its issue advocacy campaign, Think Local. Following up on our issue advocacy campaign to thank housing champion leaders, Think Local promotes local prioritization of homes, which we know create and tie communities together. Much of the news and public conversation looks at national and international issues. While these are very important, the HF Network is asking the public to think about the benefits a strong housing market provides for our local communities.

The local leaders featured in the Think Local campaign are local elected officials and candidates for elected office that have demonstrated support for strong communities and a strong housing market. Election years are times for public discussion and consideration of priorities. As an issue advocacy campaign, Think Local encourages everyone to consider the local impacts of housing, and to support keeping homes affordable for Minnesota families.

Here are two videos of the Think Local campaign:

Think Local Lakeville/Burnsville

Think Local Shoreview Area

These issue ads will run for several weeks throughout the state. The budget for Think Local ensures that our message will reach audiences and continue to build upon BATC' communications platform which positions the housing market as tie binding communities. To learn more about Think Local and BATC's work through the Housing First Network- like, follow, and learn more here.

We ask you to join us.

Live. Build. Learn. Work. Play. Think…LOCAL!

Dawnita Parmely